Class java.math.BigInteger

Class BigInteger allows using big integer values; more than could fit in "int" or "long" type. Technically the number can be about 8 gigabytes (almost 70 billion bits) big; at which point you will probably worry about your computer memory and speed.

The values of this class are immutable. Which means that if you want another value, you will receive a new object instead of modifying an existing one. For example, this is how you would calculate 1000 + 1 using int and using BigInteger.

int i = 1000;
i = i + 1;

BigInteger bi = new BigInteger("1000");
bi = bi.add(BigInteger.ONE);

// Don't do just this:
// BigInteger bi = new BigInteger("1000");
// bi.add(BigInteger.ONE);  // discards the result