Relax Bubbles 1.0

Yesterday I have published my first Android game.

Okay, "game" is perhaps too strong word. Yesterday I have published my first Android program. And it all happened more or less randomly. It started with a question I found in a web discussion. Instead of answer I wrote a short program. Then I was curious about how would the program look like on Android, and because it was simple, I converted it.

I showed the result to my girlfriend... and she liked it. She said it was calming; that I should publish it. But it is no game, there are no rules, no goals. She said not every game must be about killing dragons. A strange opinion, but I thought: let's try it.

Dear readers, you be the judges. If you have an Android phone or tablet, download this... unstructured graphical activity... and try it:

Get it on Google Play

Unlike the original version in the linked articles, the Android version has spheres with 3D shadows.

You can give me a positive rating on Google Play; as a communication channel we can also use Facebook.